Popsicle deal at Target, Coupons.com and Fetch Rewards offering cash-back, with a bonus of 3,000 points via email. Also Banza pizza cash-back!

Yesterday, I went to my local Target to redeem 3 free boxes of Popsicle Twisters as well as $4.50 back with Coupons.com, and today I received an email from Fetch Rewards.

Since Popsicle is a Unilever brand, I got an email from Fetch offering me 3000 extra points to sign up to get product offers from Unilever brands. They will be deposited on 12/22, but that's just another 3,000 points on top of the 15,120 points I've already gotten from the Popsicle offer.

Also: I split up my purchases into two, where one transaction had two boxes and the other had one. This was done to capitalize on the "$3.00 for two" and "$1.50 for one" deals in the Coupons.com app.

And finally: I noticed a last-minute deal. iBotta at Target is offering Free Banza pizza for $7.99 back. The pizza itself had a $2 dollar coupon attached to it, so I got an extra 2 bucks to my iBotta account free! Banza pizza is also free at Whole Foods, but there aren't any near my home.

I hope this info was helpful 🙂

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