Prolific – Not receiving surveys? Contacting them may help!

I signed up many years ago and only got back into it few months ago. I filled out the whole "About You" section and still didn't get any surveys. Turns out my account was flagged. I contacted them and got my flag removed. See email below.

"Thanks for getting in touch. Your account was in a queue waiting to be validated by our staff having triggered an automatic review process. We have now checked over your account and are happy that it should continue to receive studies.

These review processes are an ongoing part of Prolific to ensure that everyone is using the platform in an appropriate way, in line with our terms and conditions. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to:

Read questions thoroughly Provide honest, thoughtful answers Keep your 'About You' page up to date

We hope that you enjoy future studies with Prolific, and thank you for your participation!

Best, Prolific Support Team"

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