Prolific PEC-AB-002 Error

I have been on Prolific a little over a year now and since August of this year when I try to reserve a spot in a survey I get the following error. PEC-AB-0002: We are sorry but we could not create your submission at this time. This may be because you are on holiday or in a different country listed than the one listed on your account. I am in the US and have not changed my modem or isp since joining a year ago. I contacted Prolific about the error, but really got no answer. When I get the above error I cannot cash out either. I was able to use my local libraries wi-fi to cash out. The error seemed to come and go the last couple of months. Sometimes I am able to catch surveys after 7 p.m. c.s.t. but last few days I haven't gotten any due to the error.. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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