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Evening All!!

ProxyPics wanted to toss out that we are growing rapidly and looking to find more folks for our panel. We are like a ride sharing company but to take photos of houses, signs, retail shops, etc. I've seen the bad comments in the past and we were small just starting out. We've grown over those 2 years and expecting a major increase in volume come 2021. If you were already signed up please download our application again and if you haven't please do download and get signed up. We have an updated app that is out for Android and getting released shortly for Apple that addresses 99% of the items folks have mentioned before.

Hot Areas for us currently are as follows: Southern Cali(San Diego & LA areas), San Fran throughout the bay area to Sacramento, Denver, CO and surround areas, Detroit to Ann Arbor to Flint Michigan, New York City, San Antonio TX, St Louis MO, Baltimore MD, Washington DC, and Surrounding areas in VA/MD.

Fees vary from $3.25 an order up to $35.50. Our clients that we will be bringing on in 2021 will be the $15-$35.50 clients. Follow the link below to get signed up and after confirming your email download our application to start getting work. All payments are done with Direct Deposit by Stripe.

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