PS5 Arrived Today – Thanks to r/beermoney!

My goal joining the subreddit at the beginning of 2020 was to save up for a PS5. We didn't have a price point so my goal was to make sure I had more than enough to cover it.

The amount I've earned throughout the year has enabled me to buy so many things I would never have done without r/beermoney. This includes fun things (flowers for my wife, Paper Mario for the kids), household items (vacuum, computer monitor), bourbon, and more.

Knowing that the PS5 was bought completely from beer money earnings and not household funds, it makes the gaming that much sweeter. That's especially with the tough economy this year. Thank you to all of the users past and present!

My primary income sources this year: Prolific, dScout, and User Testing. QuickThoughts was good while it lasted with $3 surveys but I got banned a total of 3 times so I'm done with that one.

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