Quick word of advice about a Prolific… dispute?

I've been using Prolific for about a month now, great site. I signed up mainly for the "beer money" but the majority of the studys have been actually really interesting and enjoyable.

Anyway, I got my first rejected submission. The study provider messaged me to let me know and while for some reason I dont feel comfortable just copy and pasting the conversation it went something like this:

Them: "Hello just letting you know your submissing was rejected, contact us if you have any questions." (It was a bit more wordy than that)

Me: Hi, would it be possible for you to give me any specific details on what I did wrong? I'm not as much worried about the compensation as I am the specifics as I've never had anything rejected before."

Their response was that I had an "inconcistency" at the end of the survey about my political party, because I selected two political parties for the question. They apologised and said that after reviewing it again I shouldn't have been rejected and apologised further for not giving me a proper reasoning in the first place. However my problem is, and the thing thats causing me to write this sea of words and over think this is they have asked me to "return" the study. As far as im aware that just deletes the submission? It's the equivilent of $1 so im not exactly gonna have my day ruined if thats the case I'm just wanting to understand for the future. What do I do? Do I report the study and open a ticket with Prolific support? The study provider has been nice enough, do I just open an open topic ticket with prolific without reporting the study or do I just return the submission and forget about it? Really my goal is to not make any waves with Prolific themselves as I've really enjoyed their platform.

Sorry for the novel.

Edit: I should also mention that they "unrejected" me. The study is currently listed as "awaiting review" in my history list.

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