Savvy Co-Op and Government ID

So, I've seen Savvy Co-Op here and there, but I'm a bit hesitant to do anything with them right now. I got an email asking me to send them a copy of my government issued ID, and it just sounds really sketch to me.

We need something else from you as only verified patients will be offered this opportunity.

Please send in a picture of your government-issued ID so that we may verify that you are not a scammer.

Unfortunately, we do have people who try to represent as patients or real people and scam their way to opportunities in order to make some money. That ultimately hurts all of us, We simply won't stand for that.

You can reply directly to this email and attach the requested information from above. Once verified, the information sent over will be deleted."

Has anyone else gone through this process with them? I'm wary of sending my ID over email. It'd be a different story if it were a secure system, but I might just be paranoid.

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