Supersonic offerwall through S’more app

I've completed 7 offers (all games) through S'more's offerwall, which is Supersonic, without issue. But the last 2 that I completed didn't get credited, so I submitted tickets, but they were rejected. I know I never installed the 2 games, or ever played them before. I've been back and forth with Supersonic's support, showing screenshots. They asked for my Device ID found in the Google Ads section in order to ask their advertiser for a re-check, but that is blank on my phone, which didn't stop me from completing and getting credited for the previous 7 offers.

Has anyone dealt with Supersonic before? Is there someone else that I can contact? I think they or their advertisers are refusing to pay me because I haven't spent any money on the games, but that was not a requirement.

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