Surveys On The Go issue

Hi, I’m new here!

When I first was joining Surveys On The Go, I never received my verification email or text. I tried dozens of times and all information provided was correct.

Somehow, I managed to get in later, and started surveys. I made about $3-$5 quickly and then the next day when I went into the app, and I used my (SAVED!) log in info AND used facial recognition, it said I have no profile.

I contacted support on all issues above and all they say is “show me a screen shot of your profile” Which, if they actually read my issue, would know that’s not possible.

I guess I’m writing here to see if anyone else had issues. At this point I don’t think I want to use them or try anymore. Will I survive without that $3? Yes, but that is NOT cool.

Sorry if I missed something.

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