Swagbucks is offering Free Arm and Hammer Detergent from Walgreens! (On one condition, possibly)

I was checking out the Shoply App (as I always do, along with Ibotta and Coupons.com) and I noticed two more ridiculously good offers in the app. The website should also have these offers available for you as well.

Until December 31st,

If you are living near a Walgreens pharmacy, you can buy:

Two (2) Arm and Hammer Clean & Simple Detergent bottles, 43.75 Fl. Oz, for 1000 SB, which is $10.00 (If you buy just one you'll get 300 SB which isn't as nice)


Two (2) Arm and Hammer 4-IN-1 Power Paks for 900 SB. If you buy just one, you'll get 300 SB. I purchased the smallest size that was still valid, the 21-count, as it was cheapest and was the best deal, but you can also get the 32, 62, and 97-count for the same rebate value.

Note: To profit from this offer, I had to be a member of Walgreens Balance rewards. The power paks and detergent were originally $4.50 each, but with a rewards account they were 2 for $6. After joining today, I made the purchase and ended up only paying $12 on the lot (before tax).

As before, the app had difficulties in verifying all of my purchases up front, and I had to wait several hours before all of it was credited.

Payment proof:


I hope this helps some people out who are tight on money. Even if Swagbucks changes the conditions, I hope that you all can benefit from it, and that the sale is available for you all as well!

Now I have two free bottles of detergent and 42 laundry pods, with an extra six dollars in my account.

Time to do some Laundry.

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