Swagbucks, offerwall questions

Had a couple questions for different things

  1. can you complete the same offer twice? from what i read others say "if you can see it, you can do it(not adgem) or try another device" I had completed the afk arena offer to get a mythic hero last week and im seeing it again on revenue universe.. so I was curious
  2. can you re-try a offer if you failed the time to complete it?
  3. Vuse, Velo offers, theres around 3 of them, each saying purchase 10$, 15$, 25$ worth of.. vapors? or whatever, is it possible to do all 3 of them on a single purchase? or would they have to be separate
  4. is there a way to get gold surveys to come back? i tried a single one and they started saying your answers dont match previous ones so.. i never see em.
  5. is there anything tax related i'd need to know about earning from swagbucks? I already barely know how to do anything with tax, I don't want something biting me in the ass later down the line

  6. started a home chef offer on revenue universe too, there seems to be a promo that your 1st delivery will be 90$ off? does that mean i could edit the order from 4 8.99$ things to something that would equal near 90? im confused as there isn't much info to go on

I've been trying to get answers on the swagbuck reddit.. but every single time i comment on a thread no one responds ever, and when I try to make a post its automatically taken down.. its frustrating having tons of questions but can't get a answer :(. I don't even know how to contact swagbucks if i could even ask them anything or the offerwall people

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