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So ive been killing it with doing their (mainly) casino game offers lately, ive done the Huuuge for 9000, Billionaire for 4500, and just completed the Club Vegas one for 3500, but even tho the Billionaire Casino one said it'd have SB Pending for up to 7 days, it came immediately after hitting level 160, but my Club Vegas that i finished this morning but is showing pending for 6 days.

So my question is why did BC not pend but CV is even tho they are both from SB themselves? And do they typically actually pend for the whole 7 days or have a habit of coming sooner? Mainly asking just for curiosity for future games im about to start. I usually stay away from the ones that do the 32 day pending tho. (HC credited my 9000 immediately and was through RevU, BC & CV was through SB, but BC was immediate)

For any1 curious, personally i found CV to be harder than other 2, i beat the BC to lvl 160 in 1 day, HC to lvl 200 in 3, CV took me 3 days but alot more time and strategy, which if anyone wants to know a really good way to beat HC and BC like i did, let me know. I did spend 2.99 on HC to speed through my final 20 levels due to over betting and bad luck losing all my chips when i shouldn't have chanced it, but spent nothing on BC and FLEW through it. The charm thing they are doing right now is especially helpful early on since you can power level by bidding "high" (in beginning a 200k bet is considered high and that makes the charm quality and amount max out easy) I HIGHLY recommend playing the game called "Huge Diamond Wins", but theres a certain way to play i will save for a guide if yall want one, as at first you may notice not as many wins happen but you can win a TON of chips on here especially the way i figured out how to. And also facebook/twitter freebies help you majorly. Let me know if I should post a quick guide on these as i have a ton of experience now eith these and even my friends are doing these now, finishing in about 1 or 2 days depending on how much they play, and how much they actually follow what i told them to do lol.

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