The Complete UHRS Guide (Ways to join and maximizing your earnings)

The last few months have seen a heavy increase in the amount of UHRS work available across all platforms, so I thought an updated guide would help new people.

Let's start with the basics:

what is uhrs and how does it work?

UHRS means “Universal Human Relevance System”. It’s a partner website that can be accessed through contractors (3rd party sites that handle your payments) and where you can process additional jobs. It normally deals with the categorization of internet data and web pages. However, there are some more particular tasks, such as comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

different ways to get uhrs access

You can join UHRS through multiple contractors. They are websites that handle your UHRS payments. I have confirmed that you can use multiple UHRS accounts to earn, as long as you use different email addresses (hotmail/live/outlook accounts). Also, if you access them simultaneously, you need to use different browsers or incognito windows).

Here is a list of different sites and how to join UHRS through them:


This is the easiest and fastest way to join UHRS. Clickworker handles payments through Paypal and pays a month after UHRS clears your payment.

  1. Go to the “Assessments” page on your Clickworker Dashboard.
  2. Complete the UHRS Assessments – 1 & 2. They are simple English grammar exams.
  3. Create a live ID as per their directions. You will be granted UHRS access through that ID.



Oneforma handles payments through Payoneer now. They clear your payments on the 25th of every month, which takes another 30-40 days to reach you.

  1. Go to the “Jobs” tab and click on the “Internet Judging” section.
  2. Almost all jobs are for UHRS, some are language-specific.
  3. Apply for the job and wait. If a position opens up (or is made available later), you will receive a mail from the respective project manager asking for your live id.
  4. You can submit any of your live ID (Don’t submit the one you made for CW). It should not have UHRS access enabled already.
  5. Further steps regarding that particular UHRS project will be emailed to you.

Teemwork can take a hell lot of time to give you access. Maybe they have less openings available from time to time. I applied in December 2019 and received mail that I am approved in Sept. 2020. I suggest you still apply as they do keep your email in the system and contact you whenever there is work available.

  1. Go to their job listings page.
  2. Check out jobs like Online Crowd Worker, Search Engine Evaluator, etc. that are relevant to your location and apply for them. You can also search for your location/job keyword.
  3. You will be contacted via email whenever positions open up.


Appen also has specific projects for UHRS access. They pay via Payoneer. I cannot disclose the name of the projects, but any project that asks for your Microsoft live ID as a requirement is certainly a UHRS project.

  1. Go to the “All Projects” page by clicking on the radio button.
  2. See if any particular project requires you to have a Microsoft account and apply for it.

There is only a thin chance you will be approved here. I guess positions don’t open too frequently.

tips to increase your uhrs earnings

1) Log in more frequently. A lot of Hitapps disappear within minutes, especially the high paying ones.

2) Partner up with friends. Create a whatsapp group and ping each other whenever you discover a new hitapp. This way, you can cover more hours and increase work availability.

3) You can easily check by logging in through your mobile. Some hitapps even work on mobile, but it is not very efficient to work that way. Plus, it is discouraged by UHRS to work on Hitapps on mobile.

4) Try to pass qualification even if no hits are available. This way, you save time the next time that Hitapp comes around.

5) It's pretty natural to get kicked from Hitapps. A lot of time the thought-process of the creator does not match yours. And sometimes the guidelines are hasty. Even if you get banned from a Hitapp (getting kicked for 3 times), you can qualify again if the Hitapp owner resets it (You will see the qualification button next to it again, or the version of the Hitapp changes).

6) Try joining multiple contractors. This increases the amount of Hitapps available to you.

7) Don't rush. Don't get greedy.🤑

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