Turns out that GoTestify is likely to find any reason they can not to pay up for playtests. I won’t be wasting time on them again and neither should you.

I posted a week ago about GoTestify and their playtests they posted here saying they'd pay for qualified applicants to complete. Their original approval e-mail to me said I had scored a 5 out of 5 and I'd be paid as of Friday (keep that in mind, no asterisks or additional information on this "Friday" leaving one to understandably assume it means the soonest Friday in question) Friday came, no payment. Sent multiple emails. No answer. Tried their support functions on their site. Not as much as a "Hello".

Then later last Friday evening, I make my post on Reddit stating these circumstances and warning others. And what would you know? Pretty shortly after that within the hour or so afterwards, I get a reply suddenly! It says that they pay the Friday AFTER the entire playtest ends but conveniently, the first email doesn't specify any sort of date its ending or expected Friday. Also, its worth noting that NOWHERE on their site or emails could I find reference to them paying only after the entire playtest is concluded. In fact, the FAQ on payments on their site seems to be worded as vaguely as the approval email. Almost like they deliberately phrased it poorly so they could weasel out.

So I trust them. I even apologize for the Reddit comments but I mention that I would be leaving them up until I received the payment whenever it may be but would retract them then.

The next email I get that same evening is a different person from their company, specifying December 18th as the date I would be paid briefly before moving on to the "important" part of his urgent message…how they need more playtesters so he wants me to delete what I had posted or to edit it to say clearly that I had misunderstood all of it.

I edited. And waited. And about an hour and a half ago now, I sent another email to them asking when PayPal payments are sent. I receive one from the same person who sent the second email before (even though, once again, he was not the one I emailed). He explains (in an email cluttered with run-on sentences and hardly any proper capitalization of letters like it was hastily typed up on the fly because some bullshit had to be thought up right then) that I had said I was a regular user of the app that the playtest was for (which I am, cannot disclose name of app per NDA though) but because I had a new account during my playtest I wasn't (therefore I'm ineligible and denied payment) DESPITE THE FACT that I reference and explain in the playtest itself that it was due to me using a new phone I had very recently received at that point and I hadn't played since I had the new one. I even guess at the issue specifically in the playtest, that I had likely logged in with email info instead of Facebook info because I didn't remember which was tied to the account (which was exactly what the issue turned out to be when I figured it out afterwards).

Surprisingly, they had JUST made that decision about my playtest about fifteen minutes after I sent my email reminding them that I didn't forget about being paid. Seems odd that they didn't notify me once over the last two weeks about this ineligibility. Seems even odder that he mentioned them noticing that I was a "new user" when they manually reviewed my playtest just then EVEN THOUGH the approval email originally sent mentions that they had listened to the playtest and given it a 5 out of 5 rating.

So I hope everybody avoids getting manipulated by this site GoTestify in the future. Sorry if I'm a little chaotic in my writing, kinda aggravated about losing Christmas money unexpectedly because a dishonest site slipped through the cracks.

EDIT: Turns out when I sent a screenshot of the properly linked account along with a message stating I would need to warn people on Reddit, I get a reply saying that the email saying I was ineligible was meant for…other people? And that I would be paid immediately. And I was! However I think that this should stay up with this edit included so others know what might be necessary if they end up in getting similar "ineligible" emails meant for others.

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