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I'm new to HIT jobs and such. I applied for the amazon one today but haven't been approved/validated yet. I have been using UHRS for the past week and when I can do them, they're usually good. But i haven't qualified for many at all. I literally can't pass any qualifications. Is there a way to see why you failed, or by how much, or any information on the failed qualifications? I just want to see so I can improve! But also.. how do I improve? I'm not the most intelligent person on earth but I'm not dumb lol and most of these tests I don't think I am doing a fail worthy job. I see tips that people post saying "try to qualify for everything that pops up" and stuff but I have failed pretty much 95% of the ones I try. I think i've passed two.

Secondly, is there a way to search for jobs or anything? or is it just the few on the screen at a time is all you can choose from? I see people talking about NSFW stuff (not looking to do that, but just wondering why I have never seen something like that pop up).

I don't know, I've been really enjoying the site as just passive jobs (i'm a full time grad student so I don't have much time for a physical job) but I'm getting discouraged by my inability to pass any qualifications. I only get maybe one job to actually make money on at a time, not always.

Any advice is much appreciated 🙂

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