[Update] Can you contest a negative review on UserTesting?

Hey all, I want to thank everyone who replied on my last thread and wanted to give you guys an update on this issue. See original thread here.


Since I got that 1-star review, my amount of screeners slowed to less than snail's pace. I got one a day, if I was lucky, and chances were I didn't even qualify for it.

About two weeks ago, I stated in that thread that I sent a message to support regarding the issue. As some of you responded, they are not very fast to review or respond. I tend to be impatient with things sometimes, so I checked out some other people's experience with their support team, and they all had the same issue of having to wait a long while to receive a response. However, some suggested going to the Facebook page and messaging them on there. I went ahead and did that.


They came back with this response:

"Thanks for your message! Unfortunately, our support team is quite backlogged at the moment due to increased activity since the start of COVID-19. They are answering all tickets in the order in which they were received. Could you please provide your UserTesting username or email address so we can check on the status of your ticket?"


This did seem to escalate my issue though, as I received an email shortly after. They reviewed the study and removed the negative review from my rating. As soon as I did that, lo and behold, screeners started flooding in, and within seconds I had about 20 on my screen.


In regards to why I got the negative rating see the reply I got from support below:

"We apologize for the confusion. The customer did not include any screeners in this study, but they did specify certain industries and job functions, which your profile matched.

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way for participants to see the screeners or demographic filters that our customers set, but we can certainly pass this feedback along to our product team to consider in the future."


It seems as though through no fault of my own that I got the 1-star rating. The error seemed to be on the part of the researcher/customer.


Again, the researcher's note was:

"Tester indicated that he was not familiar with this industry. He was not suppose to be qualified for this test."


The researcher did not include any disqualifying screeners, and specified my field for participation, resulting in me being able to take the study. This is very unfortunate, because I missed out on a couple weeks of screeners due to their mistake.


I'm hoping that they find and implement another, better, and/or faster way to review and correct issues like this. Although, I'm just thankful that my issue got resolved. Thank you again those of you who provided feedback, and hopefully no one else will run into this problem.

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