Validately / UserZoom is SUPER shady

I have seen high earning from Validately in this sub so I signed up to give it a try. Today I tried my first task with them.

When I clicked on the link it opened a pdf in someone else's Google Drive with instructions. I needed to take photos of my license and face and upload them to some websites. I thought Validately was reputable, so I went along with it–I copied a link to my mobile browser and uploaded my license photo to a site called Jumio.

Then, it asked me to upload my info to another link which led me to this TransUnion page

It clearly says "We appreciate you taking the time to complete your credit card application." This whole thing reeks of a scam. Even if this is legit, there is zero transparency as to what I am supposedly "user testing" or for who.

I bailed on the task, and now I am worried that my identity will be stolen too.

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