Warning for GG2U Rise of Kingdoms Rebate offer

Just wanna warn some people I did the 45 dollars rebate offer and I did get my rebate but never got the 45 dollars because the advertiser rejected my thing ( for no reason they just didn't want to pay like tons of other companies) And I had spent about 20 more dollars on the game because I had gotten lazy and then that deadline came close and I was like shoot I can only do this if i spend money and so I did ( for the people that are like well you didn't have to spend money you could have just grinded well no you cant when you have 6 days to finish something and you have about 20 days worth of waiting time to upgrade stuff) and I finished it but never got paid like I said up above. I am in no way saying GG2U is a bad site only trustworthy site out there and I highly and I mean highly recommend it just wanted to share this because this could ruin someone's day like it did to me

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