When do you generally receive your 1099s, and where are they sent?

I'm in the US (not sure if 1099s are just a US thing). I've made over $600 on a few different sites the last couple of years and never received a 1099. I have received more than $600 on several new sites this year. A lot of the sites I use specifically state they don't send a 1099 because they pay through PayPal (Usertesting and Neevo/defined crowd for example.)

Main question is if any actually does send a 1099 where do you receive it usually and when abouts?

I haven't been paying taxes long and honestly I'm fairly certain I've gotten bits and pieces or even all of it wrong, so my secondary question is if you don't get a 1099 how do you guys do it? Just list the income? Include printouts of the earnings?

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