Who Paid You For/In December? Here is My List

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!  
December sucked for me in this realm of beermoney. Less than $1k. ANd that was more of a reflection on me than a failure of the programs. I just seemed to have the energy sucked out of me most of the month. Had trouble concentrating. But thankfully I play a game where I can (legally and within the TOS) sell resources to other players and that brought in over $1k gross. I havent figured out profit.. but that helped me  
But despite my December malaise, Im actually really excited for 2021. My goal is become a day trader. Which obviously isnt beer money. And im doing well with that but have very little money to use on it.. So its very slow building up that account. Im very good at it. I just dont have the capital.  
I have other plans for beermoney too. Trying out new things.. People have been calling on me to do stuff on youtube or whatever.. so I may explore that. I have goals written down and going to make them happen. Do you have any beermoney goals for 2021? Post em in the replies  

How did you all do in December?    

Program Dec Nov Oct Sept 2020 Total
Mturk $650 $700 $865 $847 $3062
Mypoints $0 $300 $0 $200 $500
Swagbucks $161 $216 $321 $420 $1777
Ebay $0 $143 $0 $0 $143
Prolific Academic $50.16 $57.64 $36.17 $51.33 $195.30
PhonePayCheck2 $42.60 $49 $47.80 $27.56 $166.96
Ibotta $36.29 $0 $0 $0 $36.29
Coin base Earn $32 $0 $0 $0 $32
Mercari $0 $0 $22 $0 $22
ESPN Fan Advisors $0 $0 $0 $20 $20
InstaGC $4.20 $3.01 $2.02 $0 $9.23
Prize Rebel $1.95 $0.26 $0.55 $0 $2.76
:– :– :– :– :– :–
Totals $978.20 $1614.05 $1294.54 $1534.89 $6111.68

1. Does not count Ref earnings
2. Registration is closed for this app

So thats my list. How did you do in December??



I live outside the USA. How can I earn?
Unfortunately most of the stuff I do is either USA only or US/UK/CA/AU. So its hard for me to advise whats available to people outside of those areas. If you live outside those 4 countries I really dont have advice for you. And I dont have much advice for even outside the USA.


How Much Time do you spend with this?
Its Hard to quantify. I am in front of a computer ALOT but its not always focused on making money. I have games I play and have scripts that watch for HITs ON Mturk so if something pops thats good I switch over. Plus Im often doing multiple things at once. That said.. there are people who make more then me with less time. Im actually very inefficient.

Why dont you get a real job?
Health issues.. and I can nap at 1PM.. and I dont have a boss looking over my shoulder… and I can work naked (I dont.. or do I….)

You must have a ton of referrals to make that much!
All the totals above represent only personal earnings. I seperate out ref earnings.

OMG! You must cheat somehow to make so much!
I do nothing outside the TOS of any of the programs. I consider this income to be a blessing and wouldnt do anything to jeopardize that. Plus cheating just kills programs and defrauds the companies that are allowing me to make this income.

Do you have to pay taxes on all of this
Yes on most of it. There are some exceptions but the majority of this income is taxable. Most of these companies dont issue 1099s but that doesnt mean you dont have to pay taxes. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions on how to handle taxes on "beermoney" income

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