🌠 Courage is realizing that you have a 99% of….

You know, it’s funny.

You can always put your thoughts into other people’s minds – ie, if you think you might be an annoyance, you start to believe others *really* view you that way, when in truth….

… you’re probably just a teeny blip on their current issues.

Thus, you can build up in your mind how horrible it will go if you take a chance that has a 99% probability of failing…

… and allow *that* to freeze you in your tracks.

I’ve been there/done that/bought the tshirt/sold it on eBay far more times I can remember.

You see, battling your own feelings of worthiness can really be a character-building challenge, especially if you choose *not* to believe reality (you are beyond worthy!).

Heck, I remember several hundred years ago (okay college) I was so insecure, I’d always apologize when going to office hours (ie, when asked, who is there, I’d respond “it’s nobody important, it’s only me.”)

Yeah. Not good at all. Sad

Since then, I’ve had bouts of insecurity come and go. During the past, say, 9 years ago until 2 years ago, I was basically unstoppable. My motto was, if it’s possible to make money with anything, go forth and tell the world!

Without revealing too much, suffice it to say that my ego and self-worth took a *huge* hit in the recent past. And yesterday, I decided, to hell with it – I’m going to face my fears and make things happen!

Fear #1 – I approached another colleague who blocked me a few months ago (honestly, I forgot when). As I’ve admired this person now for, wow… 16? years, the blocking was… painful. I decided that nothing would happen unless I reached out and so I did, to no avail.

That’s okay! Said person has their reasons for their actions; I honor that and only hope it will change in the future.

I had a momentary twinge of feeling hugely embarrassed by asking but you know what they say – if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

So I am content with knowing that I have done all I can. Life happens… and if nothing changes, ah well, ’tis life. Smile

Fear #2 – Learning the math behind crypto/stock investing! Last year, I bought a course on it because I was doing *so* good in crypto on my own (lord have earlobes, I really was… until I wasn’t).

Lost my self-confidence after some unsuccessful trades last year, so …. I stopped.

Until I started again with Bitsgap. And then with another course that really simplified understand crypto investing.

That in itself is not important – what IS important is I had a mortal fear of looking like a complete and total idjut.

But you know what? Who *cares* if I look idjut-like… if I find the answer I need?

It’s soul-searingly hard to internalize this but remember:

Fall down 7 times, brew coffee, take a deep breath, and stand up once more.

Your takeaway?

Don’t let your ego get in the way of leveling yourself up. Nobody will change your situation *for* you… it’s up to you to create the future you crave.


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