🌠 Simplifying Your Mornings via this One Weird Trick?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could get an instant 34582348 zillion mile overhead view of important stuff before I start the day!”

If so you’re definitely not alone – getting up in the mornings can feel as thrilling as tapdancing in the ocean wearing cement ballet slippers (as I’m sure you can agree).

In other words, finding your getUpAndGo before/during/after it GotUpAndWent (and forgot to even leave a good-bye note, so unmindful!) can be challenging, especially right after you wake up, roll over, barrel-roll across the kitchen in search of your morning coffee and instead, smash headfirst into the unforgiving kitchen cabinets. Sad

And with everything that’s screeching for your morning attention (like that Chinese rocket that will reenter the atmosphere around May 8th and plummet somewhere on Earth), plus how everything of morning interest is spread out across the Internet like dandelion seeds that softly waft like sands in the hourglass because after all, these are the Days of Our Lives…

Getting that morning KnowledgeDrop can be most challenging indeed.

However, there IS a solution that anyone, even those tech-challenged, can do.

And that’s called UtMKaYBBG (using the magnificence known as your browser bookmarks goodness)!

Sure, you can type D to create a bookmark for an important page/profile/news thingee/etc.etc.etc….

But why stop there? You can also categorize all your bookmarks into folders so they’re nicely organized and can be opened in one fell swoop in the morning).

Let’s say that you have 5 must-read FB profiles, AND 3 must-read Twitter Streams, AND 4928 must-view Pinterest boards – you can add bookmarks to *all* of those in your browser, move them into a newly created sub-folder and Bob’s your Aunt – instant readable goodness ready to start off your day!

Not only that – but this works for ALL the popular browsers too.

Got questions regarding those popular browsers? Here’s some excellent resources:

1.) Chrome Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

Mobile Chrome Bookmark Tips

2.) Firefox Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

Mobile Firefox Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

3.) Internet Explorer Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

Mobile IE Bookmark Tips (find/organize):
www.google.com/search?q=mobile+ie+browser+tips&newwindow=1&tbs=qdr:y (darned if I could find it)

4.) Opera Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

Mobile Opera Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

5.) Safari Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

Mobile Safari Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

6.) Microsoft Edge Bookmark Tips (find/organize): support.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/organize-favorites-in-microsoft-edge-9a8e9b8a-ce39-c492-f91e-adbb19b87909

Mobile Microsoft Edge Bookmark Tips (find/organize):

Taking advantage of the above will help free up time and give you the morning boost that can help all day.

Speaking about such things…

Mastering time manglement is a topic that could make for a grand challenge, cheatsheet, tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Look up excellent time-manglement resources

Need help with that? Consider:




Next, move to:

Step 2.) Determine What Time You’re the Most Optimal for Getting Things Done

Need resources for that? Consider:




Finally, move to:

Step 3.) Uncover What Helps You Be Effective and Make It So!

Want ideas for that? Consider:




Good stuff!

Your takeaway?

Being organized and having the important things in one place for easy access can really help your mornings….

Why not take advantage of that today?


ps – looking for inspiring great marketing goodness? Check out:

Resource #1 – Awesome eMailed Group Coaching

Resource #2 – Grow Your List with Viral PDFs

Resource #3 – The Excellent Entrepreneurial Executive eSquared Club!

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