🌠Age is NOT only a Number.

Age is also your body…

… and how your body decides it wants to handle things that were a snap for you in the past.

So if you ever want to recreate your youth and hold to the same insane schedule you used to do…

I’ve got sad news for you.

Chances are, it might take more than a day to complete.

I just noticed that meself, when I discovered that what used to take me less than 48 hours to complete (read: launch), now has me falling asleep at the most inopportune moments.

No real wisdom here, mind you – just sorry that what I had planned on finishing tonight ain’t a’gonna happen.

Thus, I’ll just go to sleep… and hopefully wake up refreshed enough to continue.

Your takeaway?

The older you get, the more mindful you *should* become…

and the more willing you should be to change delivery timeframes if you can no longer operate at Energizer Bunny speeds.

Wisdom…. thy name is Ling. Smile


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