🌠An Amazingly Simple Way to Generate Content?

Think about this year.

Did you realize the Internet is more than 40 years old?

A heck of a lot of content has been generated during those 40 years!

So let’s say that you have an insane desire to create, oh, gee, I don’t know….

An infographic.

A nifty way to get ideas for it is to search for

100 ways to XYZ


100 ways to build a list

100 ways to create content.

Go ahead, search, I’ll wait.

Done yet? See what I mean? You might have come across


You could take those ideas, feed them into an infographic maker, create said infographic… and then post it on your site (with credit, of course, to the original page).

Wanna see it in action?

Check out www.socialmediatoday.com/news/what-should-you-post-on-social-media-70-killer-content-ideas-for-2022-inf/610019/ .

See the purty picture? ’twas published on 11/14/21 ….

… but credit for the original ideas goes to


which was published in 2019.

Your takeaway?

Search in Google for lots of ways to build a specific skill, grab those ideas for your own infographic…. and boom.

Instant evergreen content.

Amazing stuff, aye?


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