🌠Bravely Repairing the Hopelessly Shattered Cup?

Ever wake up and say to yourself:

“Aaaarrrrghhhh it’s another day, another product to be created, another email to send….”

and realize that given your last bout with the flu and barely being missed by that low-flying asteroid, you simply focus on these three words:



If you’ve been conscious during the late 2019 months… and, hmmm, today, you might have experienced the world-wide pandemic in this exciting times:

* Having your income ripped from under your feet as your businesses were forcefully shuttered

* Having to learn how to work from home where family interactions abound, because you had to

* Having to deal with your kids home every day, unable to work off energy because of the earlier rather insane restrictions, that lead to

* Having to oversee kids’ remote learning while simultaneously trying to listen to a crypto webbie, all the while not realizing that because you chose to get a booster shot AND a flu shot within a few days you were

* Having to deal with Shingles because why not?

In other words… you have to keep give give giving of yourself to others.

And I get that, I really do…. it’s human nature to want to protect all that’s dear to your heart, *while* wanting to work and support the family.

But here’s the thing… and stay with me here, because it’s super important.

Alas, you are *not* a supply of infinite Energizer Bunny energy.

You have a finite amount. And every little piece you give to others… well, it results in your energy levels (or if in chronic pain, your spoons) disappearing when you most need them.

In other words, you simply cannot pour from an empty cup, just like you cannot transform a turtle into a teen-age ninja, or a swath of grass into a garden of gold.

But it gets even worse….

What if your cup eventually shatters?

Could you imagine that? What if you lack the energy/ability to those you want to take care of and cherish?

So glad you asked! The answer is pretty darned simple too:

You dig down, deep into your soul, and unearth some of the imaginary gold you have scattered amongst your own seeds of greatness.

Take those golden nuggets in your minds’ hand, melt them down with the heart-felt belief that others have in you …

… and mentally repair your cup via the discipline of Kintsugi (meaning golden joinery or repair with gold where the gold powder is applied on lacquer ( www.lifegate.com/kintsugi ).

See… when you work too much, give too much, endure too much, etc.etc.etc….. sometimes your cup not only goes empty, but also goes wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!shatter!shatter!shatter!boom,.

And that’s not good at all, no siree.

So what do you do?

Even during times of crisis, when you’re being pulled into eleventy million directions at once by life….

… take at least 5 simple minutes every hour, to do something for *you*.

Generally, *everyone* can take out 5 minutes of an hour. And during those 5 minutes, you could:

* walk through/around the house multiple times for exercise

* put on Ip-Man 3’s Elevator fight music and do karate kicks during the 3-odd minutes

* mail your list!

* do braingames like www.gamesforthebrain.com/


When you force yourself to stop and focus on *you*, you’re giving yourself time to heal, which of course is a Very Good Thing indeed.

Your takeaway?

The world needs you *today*.

That world includes you as well…. so treat yourself as you treat others. You’re #1… never do forget that, because nobody else can do the healing for you.


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