🌠Dealing with Mindnumbing Stupidity?

If there’s one thing I dislike in this world, it’s blatant stupidity.

More so if said stupidity is mine.

Even more so if said stupidity happened because I misheard what was earlier said.

But here’s the thing, you know….

If you let yourself start thinking of other people’s ideas and comments/etc. as mindnumbing stupidity, you *might* (might, mind you, might) be blinding yourself to one basic tenet of human emotions – 10 years from now, people will never remember what you said…

… but they will always remember how you made them *feel*.

And “feelings” last a heck of a lot longer than opinions or facts.

The plain facts are is that life is short. Really short.

And it’s just plain stupid to let opinions about things you cannot change… affect the quality of relationships that are important to you.

Your takeaway?

Be wise on the hill you choose to die on.

In almost all cases… it really isn’t worth that action at all.


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