🌠It’s Not Your Fault (but is it really?)

One of the things I truly despise about unscrupulous marketers….

They lead buyers with false promises.

They *assume* that buyers are aware, say, that even if the money is in the list…

*Building* that list is an extremely crucial first step, one that newbies need to implement before even tackling whatever steps are offered.

This results in folks who truly want to support their families online being sucked into sales pages that soothingly assure buyers that their lack of knowledge is not their fault – they were led on (in the past, of course) by seductive promises, smoke, and mirrors that never shatter.

(heck, look at this search: www.google.com/search?q=%22it%27s+not+your+fault%22+click+the+buy+button

I rest my case).

And what happens?

They actually buy the product, mind you, and then realize that all of the missing pieces…. they miss.

Is that truly *not* their fault?

Well, it depends.

Charismatic marketers will always sway those who crave buying the dream.

But once that dream is bought, how can beginners truly achieve success online?

The answer is simple (but not easy). The implementation of said answer, of course, requires blood, sweat and tears…

… something that people today can think they *deserve*.

They are *owed* the promises.

And alas, that simply does not happen. Nobody is handed success… success is achieved by the answer I hinted to above.

That answer is – you fail forward (this statement is courtesy of Dennis Becker).

If you buy something, and then find yourself missing critical personal components like your own autoresponder, your own domain, your own knowledge of product creation…

… you have 2 choices.

You can refund the product, of course.

Or… you can Google just what you’re missing, teach yourself that process, and then continue your education by the school of hard knocks.

It’s not failure if you don’t give up.

It’s not failure if you take what you learn and use *that* to springboard to your next level.

Your takeaway?

You own your life, you own your choices, you own how you choose to react to whatever life lobs in your direction.

Never give away your power. Use it instead to level yourself up and make things happen …. starting today.


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