🌠Methinks it’s time for you to do FB lives, aye?

Ever do FB Lives?

I used to, mind you.

And I remember I developed a whole rhythm and style that is kinda like riding a bicycle – you never forget it when the time arises when that style is critical to rise once more!

Like, take today.

I had to create an audio introduction for a project down the road….

… and wow did I struggle with it! Had a script and everything but…

… at the end, it was obvious it wasn’t a Barb Ling presentation.

So I requested permission to go off-script and into the wild blue yonder and the results?

Sooo much better than the first!!

And you know, getting comfy with FB lives… it’s not really that difficult! One of favs that I made focused on Fluffy, the Wonder Fear Dragon over at:


6 years ago I made that… (a complete self-confidence series) and how did I do them?

Via FB Lives.

And that skill came in soooo handy today, when I needed to create an audio intro piece.

Your takeaway?

Never be afraid to return to the skills that made you successful once….

They can always come in handy today.


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