🌠Tiktok Marketing and You… Perfect Together?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, even though I am violently opposed to every single atom of space any Tiktok component ever takes up, my shareholders want me to know if Tiktok is worthwhile for me to memorize down to the very last atom of space any Tiktok component could ever take up?”

Fancy that, heh. What a coincidence.

If so, you’re definitely not alone – just trust me on this.

That’s why you’ll love the following (and be sure to return when you are done for the rest of the goodies I found for you)


There, you’ll discover ideas like:

“…47% of TikTok users are between ages 10-29

When you compare this data to last year’s figure — 62% — it shows the platform’s user base is aging up, with 42% of users aged 30-49.

This means that TikTok is no longer just a platform for Gen Z and younger audiences. It’s a cross-generational app that gives brands access to audiences from all age groups. Make sure you get creative with your content and use TikTok trends effectively and authentically…….”


“….37% of TikTok users have a household income of $100k+

Nearly half of all US TikTok users have an annual household income of $100,000 or more. However, this may reflect an overall economic skew in the US population. This number has increased over the past year, which is likely due to the fact that TikTokers are aging up.

In contrast, only 9.6% of users have an annual household income of less than $25,000 a year……”

and more!

Mastering TikTok for Business is a topic that could make for a grand challenge, cheatsheet, tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Discover General Tiktok for Business Tutorials

Need help with that? Consider:






Next, move to:

Step 2.) Prefer Visual Learning? Check Out Tiktok Marketing on YouTube

Need resources for that? Look at:






Finally, move to:

Step 3.) Armed with the Above, Learn Ways to Make Money with TikTok and Make It So!

Need ideas for that? Consider:






Good stuff!

Your takeaway?

Tiktok could be boost to your marketing if you look it from a certain point of view…

Why not see if that would work for you today??


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