🌠What Really IS the MetaVerse for your Business?

What is the Metaverse, and why should you care?

When thinking Metaverse, think “fantasy world I can live in and interact with.”

Then apply that concept to the masses being dissatisfied with their current situation, so they retreat/emerge into the Metaverse to forget for a few hours… their difficult real-world problems.

Make no mistake about this – FB focusing on the Metaverse is one of those flash moments in real life history… it’s the beginning of *something* and it sure would behoove you muchly to see how the Metaverse can positively affect your business.

For example…

Think Augmented Reality (like Pokemon Go) where images are overlaid on what a camera sees.

Think of being able to *interact* with those overlays.

And from Augmented Reality, think about moving that towards Virtual Reality, where anything and everything can go.

Thinking on that? OK, now think on having all these ‘virtual worlds’ interconnected, one to another, in any way the designer/developer sees fit….

*That’s* the Metaverse.

And how it can help you earn for the future?

Well, hmmmm….. I’ll simply say, stay tuned.


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