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Brandclub is a cash back app, but it's quite different than your typical cash back or receipt scanning app. The rewards are high, there are a TON of brands available, and what rewards you get depend entirely on what you normally purchase. I have offers for cat toys, jerky, vitamins, Tyson, Granola bars, and other things I regularly purchase. In order to activate the offers, you need to complete a short survey (~2 minutes), join the club, or purchase a product from that brand. Once you do one of these actions, the reward will be in a "locked" state. You then make a(nother) purchase from that brand to "unlock" the reward and make it eligible for cash out. You don't necessarily need to join the club or do the surveys, but they usually have higher paying offers than simply purchasing a product. It works with Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Chewy and you get $2-3 for each account you sync for the first time.

Edit: Users get a $10 bonus for using a referral link, but I don't think you get anything if you don't use a referral. I didn't get one when I signed up.


Minimum Cash Out $10
Cash Out Options PayPal, Venmo
Minimum Age 18
Countries USA
Personal Information Required First name, last name, email, sync your account(s) (so potentially all information on that account)
Referral Program Both the referred user and the referring user get $10.
Point Expiration Locked rewards may expire within 1 year if they are not unlocked. The ToS doesn't specify about unlocked rewards, but the FAQ says "A cash back reward will expire 365 days after it is earned."
Contacting Support Contact page
Ways to Earn Sync your accounts, complete small tasks (I think there are 3 at the start), complete short surveys and/or join clubs and then purchase items from the brand, invite friends, and promote products.



  • There's no receipts to scan, which means delivery and pickup orders work just fine.

  • Available offers depend entirely on what you normally purchase.

  • Most of the offers are high paying. Usually $1-3, and you get multiple offers from each brand.

  • It doesn't matter what you purchase as long as it's from that brand. This makes it quite easy to find money makers.

  • Payout is quick, once you unlock the rewards. I got my PayPal within a day or two.

  • Surveys are short and most of them are about the same. It basically just asks whether you like it, would promote it, and where do you shop and/or it'll ask about how you want to interact with the brand.



  • It usually takes at least a day or two before it's able to unlock your rewards, and you have to sync manually by hitting the + button in the center of the app.

  • You have to "sync" your accounts, which is just a fancy way of saying that you're giving them your login information. If you change the info, then it won't sync.

  • You must have all receipts on your account. For something like Amazon, this isn't a problem, but for Walmart and Target you do need to make sure you have all of your purchases on your account.

  • You really need to pay attention on the surveys and give a decent response at the end. The answer order swaps, and if you don't give at least a sentence or two at the end then it seems to make the survey fail.

  • You cannot redeem multiple offers from the same brand on a single receipt. You need to separate them or you'll only unlock one reward.

  • I can't seem to figure out how to unlock more surveys. It says you just need to make a purchase in the past 6 months, but I still only have the brands I started with.

  • You can only do 3 surveys every 24 hours. They don't reset at a specific time each day; it's an actual 24 hours.


Overall opinion

The app is a bit of a pain in the ass to use, but I think the rewards make up for it. You just have to play their little games. Join the club and/or do a survey, then go purchase the product, wait a couple days and then manually sync the account. Sometimes it'll say no rewards available even though it clearly saw the product… so you have to try again in a few days. But when you do get the rewards… it makes up all the time you spent on those little things. I honestly don't expect the rewards to stay this high for very long since it feels entirely too much. I recommend taking advantage of it while you can.

I've only used it with Walmart, but the syncing function makes me a bit uncomfortable since you're giving them your account information. It's not like other sites where it pairs you with the API – you're literally giving them access to your account. As such, I recommend using an account that doesn't have any payment information on it, or set up f2a or something. In my experience, Walmart will not do jack shit if your account gets hacked or if your gift cards are used up without your consent.

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