Capital One Shopping bogus cashback?

Went to buy something on, Capital One Shopping extension is reporting (in the little pop-up window where you actually go to activate cash back) 25% cash back, which is a lot—especially as this is a fairly expensive item. Seemed too good to be true.

Hitting "view details" on the popup brings me to their coupon page, which shows cash back between about 1-3%, depending on the item category.

Samsung isn't the only site that does this for me—Dell also reports 25% cash back in the little pop-up, and B&HPhoto reports 10%. Both are in the single digits when I go to view details.

Another interesting facet is that the extension's price comparison tool makes use of the higher cash back numbers (this is why I noticed it in the first place, since these high cash back sites were reporting way lower post-deal prices in comparison).

I asked their support, but they gave a pretty uninformative answer saying that different sites offer different deals.

Has anyone else experienced this type of issue with the extension, and in your experience, can the pop-up %age be trusted?

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