Class Action Rebates

Got 3 for you that might be applicable to some people here!

If you made one or more in-store or online purchases at an old navy store or old navy outlet store in the united states, excluding purchases made while in missouri, between november 12, 2015 and december 2, 2021 you may be eligible to receive an award to use in-store or online with any of these stores in the future for future purchases.

If you signed up for Noom between May 12, 2016 and October 6, 2020,you could get a payment from a class action Settlement. Payment is around $30-$167

The Lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. violated state laws regarding the manufacturing, labeling, sale and marketing of certain Neutrogena® and Aveeno® Sunscreen Products. JJCI denies the claims made in the Lawsuit. Anyone in the United States who bought certain Neutrogena® and Aveeno® aerosol or lotion Sunscreen Products, at any time between May 26, 2015 and April 8, 2022, is affected by the Settlement. The lotion products included are: Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer®, Dry-Touch Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion, Neutrogena® Sheer Zinc™, Dry-Touch Face Sunscreen Lotion, and Aveeno® Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion. Vouchers will be worth $10.58 each and may be used toward the purchase of any Neutrogena® and Aveeno® product.

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