Did “phone farmers/cheaters” ruined alot of beermoney opportunities for ordinary users?

Hello r/beermoney community. This question am asking may be semi-controversial lol.

So here is the question Did "phone farmers/cheaters" ruined alot of beermoney opportunities for ordinary users?

Why? Becuase most sites/apps what was farmed/cheated on. Eventually shut down, which kinda ruined a lot of beermoney opportunities for ordinary users:(

If you were part of the old times/did some research+digging , you would know that at that time phone farming/bots was petty popluar at the time. They were some popular sites/apps like bing rewards & perkTV they used for that. But what happened to both of them?

Bing rewards: they first added phone verification. Making it hard for some users who dont have phone numbers. (Especially under 18s) Then they ditched it and replaced it with mircosoft rewards… they dont even have Amazon giftcards anymore, only xbox passes:/

PerkTV: due to the EXTREME amount of phone farming they just cant keep it up, advertisers aren't really happy that they are arent really getting real veiws. So they shut down. Welp guess you cant really earn by "actually" watching videos at your free time anymore!

And so many other sites which died/rebranded due to "mass fraud by users"

Sooo whats your opinion on them? Did they ruin a lot of sites? Or did they help reshape the beermoney atmosphere? I would like to hear from you guys


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