DScout Eating Phone’s Storage?

I'm pretty new to DScout and making side money online in general. I've heard a lot of good things from this subreddit about DScout so I've given it a try. However I'm running into an issue and I can't find any other posts bringing this up or just searching Google in general.

Is it just me or is DScout a massive storage hog on your phone? Since I started recording videos for DScout, my phone has constantly been telling me I'm running out of space. I delete each video I make out of Photos after uploading it. I started deleting photos en masse and uninstalling a dozen apps. But it just seems to get worse.

I checked applications and DScout is using over 3GB of storage. Which is double any of my other apps. Is it storing all of my videos on my phone in their app instead of on the cloud? Can I clear this space? If I can't figure out how to keep it from grabbing up all my storage I'll probably have to uninstall.

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