how does UHRS in toloka work?

Hi just wanna ask how the UHRS task in toloka works, the "crowd spam labeling". It opens to a new website and that where you do your task. I've been doing this task but I haven't earned anything. I don't understand the instructions too. Can someone please explain. Thanks.

"To access this task, you will be redirected to a different website — UHRS, where detailed guidelines, instructions and preview examples for this task are available. UHRS is a trusted partner of Toloka and this task arrangement is made to expand your ability to earn on the platform. When the button is clicked, a new browser tab will be opened on UHRS where you will have access to work on the task for up to 2 hours. After that you have to go back to Toloka to renew your UHRS session. After UHRS is opened, this Toloka assignment will be submitted automatically."

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