How to Avoid Writing Boring Blog Posts

You had paid a considerably sum for a premium blog theme and spent so much time making it look great and was churning out posts almost on a daily basis. Yet, you are wondering why the amount of visitors to your blog is not increasing or worse even your regular readers are fast turning into irregular readers.

Well, sorry to tell you this but having a great blog layout only does not necessarily guarantee you an increase in your pool of readers very much. True, they may come back a few more times because of the lovely design but more often than not, design alone won’t last. And while having high quantity of posts is good, if they are not exciting enough, your readers will soon feel bored and will not drop by as frequent as they used to. Admit it, you won’t want to visit a boring blog either right? So the next question is how to avoid writing boring posts.

Here are a few tips that I hope will help you.

Be passionate about the topic

This is my number one tip and should be yours too. Write about something that you love and not just because it is the most talked about topic of the century, unless you are passionate about it of course. Your passion in the topic will show in the way you write and your readers can feel your emotions through your writings. They will share your joy in you overcoming a major health huddle or feel sympathetic towards your lost of a much beloved pet or understand the frustration that you are going through when your web hosting is screwing up. So choose your topics well.

Make up your mind about an issue

Yes, try not to sit on the fence about something. While it is informative and fair that you include all sides of the argument but sometimes, by going back and forth without voicing your thoughts can make you seem undecided, as if you can’t make up your mind about it. My suggestion would be to state both ends of the issue and their pros and cons and then include your opinions too, even if they are controversial. There are so many bloggers out there who are taking the majority’s views so why not take the road less traveled? But only if you believe in it yourself. No point in trying to be different if you don’t believe it yourself (refer tip no. 1 above).

And at the same time, do allow others to voice their opinions too in your comments section, even though you may not necessarily agree to them. If it’s just all about your views, then isn’t that boring? Do respect the freedom of speech.

Include your own and others experiences

Get personal. If you have experiences about the topic, be it a kitchen appliance or traveling to a foreign country or signing up with a new web hosting company, it would be most interesting to your readers if you could include your own experiences. That carries a more weight than a general post that may be passed off as text book article.

If you do not have any of your own experiences e.g. starting your own online store you can always interview someone who did and share their experiences with your readers. This way, you show to your readers that you have done your researches and they will appreciate it.

Positions of advertisements and banners

Be smart when it comes to placing advertisements and banners on your blog. Do not put so many that it makes your blog feel overcrowded. The last thing you want to do is to confuse or irritate your readers. Remember the main reason that your readers come to your blog is because they want to read your posts, NOT your advertisements. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that advertisements will kill your readers’ enthusiasm. Rather, it means that having some good quality ones are fair enough but not to the extent of drowning your posts!

So here you are some simple yet effective tips on how to avoid writing boring blog posts. These are also the mistakes that I see many bloggers out there do and they are slowly turning away their readers. I hope that you will find these tips helpful in your journey to create an interesting blog.

How to Avoid Writing Boring Blog Posts from Myblog2day

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