Is Comrade browser Extension too good to be true?

I installed this browser extension in December, it promises to pay you cash instantly when visiting relevant product recommendations that sometimes appear when you’re browsing online. Been using it and seeing my balance increase and I don't even have to make a purchase. It’s kinda similar to Honey or Rakuten but instead of applying a coupon when checking out, it pays you to visit the recommendations which sometimes even offered me good deals on the products I was looking at. The payouts are initially capped by something called Payout Rate, which is increased by:

  • Completing the profile to reach a 75% Payout Rate.
  • Refer friends. The first 5 active friends will add 5% each, which will complete the Payout Rate to 100%. (am still missing 2 referrals)
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 for any Payout Rate less than 100%. When I reach 100%, my minimum withdrawal decreases to $25.
  • They only support verified PayPal accounts for now, and only US users are eligible for payouts. (when there’s money involved, I read the terms 😂)

My account is at $23.14 but even if I get to $25 I can't cash out yet because my profile is not at 100% complete.

Is there anyone who has been using this and can give some insight about it and if it really pays?

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