More swagbucks mobile game offer guides.

Since people seemed to like my last post here’s another set of guides.

Gin Rummy Stars $25

Reaching level 45 in 7 days…super tedious.

There’s not a lot to explain about this one. If you don’t know how to play gin rummy go learn. Watch a YouTube video. Read some tips. If you’re not winning at least half your games you won’t stand a chance at finishing this on time. This one is pretty easy assuming you know what you’re doing but is honestly a pretty big grind. Once you’re confident increase your bets for better exp. If you run out of funds…you’re pretty much done. Just move on unless you’re willing to spend.

Bingo Blitz $40

Okay. You just need to reach level 75. This is easy. I like the bingo games so this one was kind of fun for me.

WARNING: don’t use social media promotions on this one. Stay away from them. You shouldn’t need them and in the fine print it say not to use them in an untoward manner which means they probably just tell swagbucks “this guy was being bad” and you don’t get paid.

First of all: DO THIS WHILE DAUB ALERTS IS STILL ACTIVE. Daub alerts basically light up the square of numbers called. This is great. It’s very helpful. The best strategy to perform well in this game is to manage your power up gauge and use it efficiently. Sometimes that means not hitting the called numbers right away. Daub alerts helps immensely with that.

If you run out of daub alerts you can get more free by gathering the stars in each area. After 3 staring the first couple areas I had days worth of this buff so just pay attention to what you’re doing and you shouldn’t run out.

Now. Actually leveling. The moment you reach the point you can play the Chocland boom mode: DO IT. The exp is massive. At this point you’ve basically finished the challenge. Just grind here until you’re done. Increase your bets etc.

ALWAYS PLAY 3 CARD. Cost for card this is by far the best EXP.

TAKE PART IN EVENTS. Pay close attention to what the game is telling you. The event that was going on when I was playing is over now but it basically gave me infinite free tier 3 and 4 power ups. All the extra stuff is there to help you no matter now big or how little. For example the sweet shop is something you automatically make progress in by playing. If you go cook the food you get a pretty decent amount of the coins you need to play.

DONT PLAY TO WIN. PLAY TO MINIMIZE LOSS. You don’t want to run out of coins. Pay attention and try to do well.

Blackout Bingo $40

This one is easy. Play a cash game and bam you’re done. That means you have to pay. Also if you’ve done any other skillz offers you’re not eligible. The minimum deposit is 2 dollars. This is easy. Though be careful. Completing offers without actual interest in them is something that can get you in trouble with swagbucks.

Now…the kicker. I got 20 extra dollars from this. You can withdraw the winnings from the cash games. Go practice in the free modes before you move to cash.

Tips: Tap the numbers as fast as you can. The faster you tap them after they are called the more points you get. Don’t use your power-ups. Make sure you never have more than 2 and usually try to have no more than one. This is because some of the gauge increase you get when tapping a number can seep into the next level so if you’re 75% of the way into having your 3rd power up you could lose some of the gauge. If you play this one right it’s pretty easy to blackout almost all your bingo cards. This is very much a skill based game as much as it is a luck one.

Cash out while you’re ahead. Don’t be greedy. I made it to $20. Don’t be afraid to stop earlier.

Mafia City $70

Alright. I’m going to try to keep this short and it’s still going to be a book.

Look just stop here if you’re not willing to grind. ANYONE who says completing base building games is easy and quick spent money. If they say they didn’t, they’re lying.

First of all I want to explain the core gameplay behind these kinds of games.

The first rule of getting ahead in these games once high level of play has been reached is: BE AN ASSHOLE. These games are PVP games. This isn’t a farm simulator. These are war apps. You are greatly rewarded for beating on other players. Even those much weaker than you. Sometimes the weak players are the most rewarding. Because you haven’t raised the protection cap for your resources yet so it’s just easy money. These games are dog eat dog and even if you’re strong enough to fight someone off have fun when they bring their clan to back them up.

I played a game called World War Rising pretty extensively. I was in the strongest clan on my server. I literally made friends with my clan and we helped and protected each other. For the love of god, don’t talk shit to people on these games. Some guy messaging one of us insulting or threatening just because of one attack? Well guess what. Now 6 people just teleported their bases next to yours and you’re getting farmed relentlessly. You think your shield will protect you? You better be there the exact second it pops to put up another one. And if you send out any gatherers, they’re all going to die. Because let me tell you. The people who actually play these games are out for blood. And they’re proud of their level 40 base.

Basically the first tip of playing these games just for swagbucks: keep your head low and keep your shield up. Don’t bother anyone. Don’t attack anyone.

Okay. Now for this game specifically.

  1. Keep your shield up. If your shield goes down while you’re asleep and someone hits you…you could lose a lot. Possibly even forcing you to have to spend. Use your gold literally for only this. Don’t use it to complete buildings. The only thing I can even think of to use gold for is it costs 1 gold to unlock an extra que slot for the gem creation. Go to the reward center>fund management and you will be able to deposit gold everyday to generate a little bit more. This is worth it.
  2. Learn everything. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PAY ATTENTION. At the start of the game it’s going to teach you what things do. You need to actually understand the game if you want to be optimal. Didn’t pay attention when it explained the pawnbroker? Didn’t actually go into the pawnbroker and see what the equips it builds for your hero does? Congratulations. You just missed out on possible percent time reductions to building. WHICH IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE OFFER.
  3. Do everything. All of the nonsense in this game rewards you. Make sure your advancing the plot, the babes, the street wars, the garden, gathering from resource mines on the map,etc. All of this is rewarding. Don’t be lazy. Without this stuff you won’t make it far without spending.
  4. Plan ahead. There are online resources to tell you all of the requirements for every upgrade. Those requirements often have their own requirements. Make sure you know what’s coming. For example at level 15 you unlock a whole new resource. Metal. You’re going to need it from that point on and it’s crucial and you get production and start looking for ways to score extra. Not preparing can brick wall you into spending.
  5. Build troops. You need them for gathering. There are rules one the world map which let you snag extra resources. This is a very active part of the game. You need to make sure they are out gathering and are safe. Other players can kill your troops while they’re on a resource tile. Why would the my do that? Maybe they want the tile. Maybe theres an event rewarding kills. Maybe they didn’t like your username. If you pay attention and have notifications on it will alert you of attacks. Just recall them. Remember that not using your troops is wasteful as they have upkeep cost. Also though the investments you can get the abilities to send out two parties at once to gather. Do this and get enough troops to send a full unit to both. They will more than pay for themselves. Focus on the troops from the vehicle refit center and only use your training speed ups on these. They are the best for gathering. One of your biggest focuses in this game should be do the research to send out more gatherers and have enough to max them all. It’s pretty easy to get to 3 but it will take time to build that many troops.
  6. Resource generators in your base. Okay. Upgrade them and have a lot of them. Don’t sleep on this. The resource rewards at the start are high. Really high. You can just keep on building and building and never run out. Until you do. Well. That’s because you didn’t upgrade these. Thy will produce tons of resources every day. TONS. If you only have one or two you’ll be getting nothing. All of your resource generators should be around the same level as your mansion. Or as close as you can. These are the backbone of everything else at the start. Once you get triple gatherers going it will seem to pale in comparison but trust me they’re still very helpful in the long run.
  7. If you’re going to spend, do it at the start and when you got time on your hands. The first offer is a dollar and it gives you a lot. The second is 5 and gives you a lot. The reason spending at the start carries so much weight is that you can every easily get your resource generators going strong right from the start. I won’t lie it seems like this one would be very hard to accomplish without spending this initial amount and it would be a lot better to do it right away than getting brick walled at a high level.
  8. Join a clan and be active. They will help you do things faster, it’s the whole actual point of the game, and they might even protect you.
  9. Unless they’re specifically for something else only use your speed ups on building.

Alright. I hope this post was helpful. Check my profile if you want to check out my last post. It covers other offers from swagbucks as this post did. After the last post I had a few requests for my referral link in swagbucks. I have added it to my profile bio because I wasn’t sure on the rules of posting it here.

Good luck and have fun. Comment or message me if you have questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

And remember. BE PATIENT.

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