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Hi all! Just found this community and have been avidly Prolific-ing since then. I wanted to share another resource that I've used to earn some easy rewards. If you have a fitness tracking device such as a fitbit, apple watch, or Garmin watch I highly recommend downloading the app Paceline on your phone. You get rewards for completing 150 minutes of activity per week in the form of gift cards. Sometimes the git cards are a $1 Amazon voucher (that you can add to a balance on Amazon), but I've seen $5 Target cards as well. An easy way to motivate some healthy habits AND earn a little extra if you're doing that anyway.

All you have to do after downloading the app is connect your fitness tracker and complete the 150 minutes/week. However, you can only earn a max of 50 minutes per day! After you've gotten your minutes, you can pick your reward and it will be emailed to you.

Here is a link for the website/place to download. You are also supplied with a referral code which gets you $10 if someone signs up using your code and gets the new user $5 extra when they join and earn their first reward. If you feel so inclined to try it out, my referral code is XFCJX5 but please feel absolutely no pressure to use it. I've loved this app and have been using it to build an Amazon balance so that I can buy a margarita machine lol.

Best of luck!

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