Pandemic eMail Marketing… revised?

Ever wake up one morning at 12:30am and realize you haven’t gone to sleep and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self – with this Covid19, Delta variant, and no new Star Trek until months later going around, how on earth can I continue my email marketing with kindness and profit?”

If so, I can totally relate! That’s why the following article will be most helpful (and remember to return to this page after finishing your read, so you can benefit from additional goodies):

It provides you with not 1, not 2 but 6 (!) steps on writing emails during this time of challenge

Some ideas you’ll encounter are:


Don’t know what’s going to happen next? That’s totally okay — but tell your customers that and tell them they’ll be the first to know when you figure it out. 84% of customers think honesty is an important trait for brands. Your customers are more likely to support you if you’re honest and upfront about everything, especially during times of crisis….”



Market like you care by paying close attention to the tone of voice used in your email. Be authentic and empathetic, reaching out to your customers instead of solely focusing on yourself. It’s also nice to talk about other things than the pandemic.

Everyone is talking about COVID-19. Chances are, you don’t have any news that your customers haven’t heard before. Lancôme gave a recent sales email a COVID-appropriate makeover by including copy that read “Now is the time for generosity” and signing off with a “Take care and stay safe” message to customers….”

The topic of compassion in your email marketing could make for a grand challenge, tutorial and more. You could break it down into:

Step 1.) Get the facts about the pandemic, Delta Variant, Loki Variant and more.

Need help with that? Consider these resources:


Step 2.) Write in a way that it comes from the heart

Need help with that? Consider these resources:


Step 3.) Whenever possible, incorporate funny/courageous memes.

Need help with that? Consider these resources:

Your takeaway?

Now more than ever, eMail marketing is a grand way to increase your bottom line…

Take advantage of that today.


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