Phone farm finally became profitable some apps to get you started.

Giftloop, AA Music Crypto Tab and Current has proven to be a waste of time in my opinion. Not to mention the bandwidth usage. I prefer to avoid them since it keeps my screen active and risks catching fire which does happen with phone farms. It also requires macros built for each device to make it truly passive.

There are also apps to mine newer crypto currency like Bee and many more but the currency aren't worth anything or aren't worth much.

A key thing to note is phones cost $1-2 to power a year so the reward is higher than the costs.

Mobilexpression, Savvyconnect and Appoptix is the same for me. The slowdowns and slowing of my network makes it not worth it. Appoptix may also require mobile data which your phones hopefully don't have.

Mobile Performance Meter gets you $1 Amazon every 30 days.

Panel App gets you $1 Amazon every 91 days.

Killi gets you $5 Amazon every 10 weeks.

Telephia gets you $1 every week cash out at $3.

McMoney and Money SMS is something I have yet to try.

PhonePayCheck is good but I haven't been able to add my phone along with Nielson Mobile Rewards and SmartPanel. Just no slots available sadly.

I make about $90 a year a phone.

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