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There were some questions and interest in receipt scanning apps in a different thread so I wrote a breakdown on a bunch of them. I’ve been using most of them since 2019 or more recently as I’ve found more. I find many of them are individually not worth the time and effort but collectively they are worth it as I do all of them at once. I typically scan all my receipts at one time each week unless there is a specific offer for an item on the receipt. So, here’s my take on receipt scanning apps and I’d love to hear recommendations on others.

  1. Amazon shopper panel -One of the easiest and highest paying apps. Scan any 10 receipts per month and get $10 in Amazon gift card directly to your Amazon account. Easiest to take pictures of physical receipts but there is an option to submit email receipts. There are typically a couple of easy surveys per month for $0.25-0.50. No other aspects or offers on the app. The only downside is the earnings are capped at $10 per month. Highly recommend using this app. Total earnings Feb. 2021-Present $137.35. Avg receipt value- $1.00
  2. Coinout – Easy to use, able to scan any receipt, able to cash out any denomination cash directly to a bank account or gift card. Relatively low paying but potentially worth using with other receipt scanning apps. App contains a few other offers like stash or varo but typically lower payouts than other apps like Swagbucks. Able to link some online purchases like amazon, instacart, walmart. Total stats: 869 receipts for $46.16 for 5.3 cents per receipt average. No minimum payout.
  3. Receiptpal- For simply scanning every receipt and getting rewards for them, this one is one of the better ones. It is one of the more E-receipt friendly apps and a little more generous in my experience than some of the others. Each receipt gives you 25 points and 1 sweeps entry for $250 sweepstakes drawn 3 times per week. Your chances of winning the sweepstakes are incredibly small, basically playing the lottery. Each receipt is worth 9.6 cents if you save up for the best value reward($100 gc) or 6.2 cents if you do the worst value($5 gc). This app accepts receipts from pretty much anywhere but is a little more selective in receipts being more recent than other sites. Can only redeem points for amazon or retail gift cards. Redeemed 100 Amazon GC last year successfully. Total since 2019 at 9.6 cents per receipt $153
  4. Receipthog- a little more complex and lower average payout than some of the other apps but potentially worth doing as part of the stack with other apps. Accepts most receipts and gives 5-20 points per receipt based on the total. There is a hog slots feature that you get spins for certain receipts or a weekly bonus. You also get occasional surveys based on your purchases. Minimum redemption $5 for 1000 points. Redeem 6500 points for $40 from Amazon, PayPal or visa for the best value. I successfully redeemed $40 in October 2020 and am near another $40. I wouldn’t do this app alone but since I’m already scanning others, I’ll get a few extra cents from it.
  5. Fetch- see the mods sticky for the review. Personally I like it. 2.5 cents for each receipt and automatically gives points for various other products. Mainly grocery receipts will be more valuable. Total of $145 since Feb 2019
  6. Ibotta- again see the mods review. Highly recommend, total of $488.14 earned.
  7. app- I don’t use this a ton but there are occasional coupons for items I use. The best part is that it pays directly to PayPal. If you buy the brands on the app it can be great but personally I’ve only received $35.27 over a couple years.
  8. Swagbucks magic receipts- also known as the Tada app. One of many aspects of swagbucks and has probably been written about before. Offers 2sb for every receipt and various 2sb bonuses for any brand of a variety of items. There are occasionally products that offer a very large rebate that can result in free products. For example, right now there is a $15 bonus for spending $10 at hallmark. Total earned $134.78 mostly from a few larger value redemptions.
  9. Shopkick- get “kicks” from walk ins, barcode scans, and receipt submissions of specific products. This app is a little different than the other receipt scanning apps and is a little more like the coupon apps but if you are looking to squeeze every last dollar out of your receipts it is worth checking out. The best part is you can cash out for gift cards nearly instantly so if you need one quickly you can get one. Total redeemed $140.

There’s are a couple apps I have used in the past that I didn’t think were worth it. Personally checkout 51 took me forever to get $20 and I gave up on it but it may have value for some. I tried a gas receipt scanning app called Trunow but found it was buggy and was a very slow grind to get anything. I never tried receiptjar due to all the bad reviews. I’m currently trying checkpoints.

I also recommend card linking apps like dosh, drop, bumped, bits, Rakuten, airline rewards partners, and pogo if you want to get other rewards but I think those are beyond the scope of this.

If you have any questions or recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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