[T-Mobile Tuesdays] Free LiveNation codes today! Come buy/sell here!

Hey hey hey, happy Tuesday!

Today T-Mobile Tuesday members are receiving $20 all-in Live Nation ticket codes codes. Fill out the form in the table below to sell your code(s).

Buying Table

If you're interested in buying any coupons and would like to be added as a buyer on this table, please PM me. My inbox replies for this post are off, so I won't see comments right away.

Buyer Rate Quantity Rep Link
/u/steal_deals $1.50 ??? /r/beermoney Link
/u/specu12 $0.50 ??? /r/Beermoney Link

Remember: /r/beermoney isn't a trading subreddit. If you get scammed there's nothing that can be done. Trade safely.

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