Test IO issues.

I recently created an account on test IO and I was doing their courses. I attempted the bug report module and submitted the first bug report which was subsequently rejected due to various reasons. Mind you, there are 5 chances to complete this module. I submitted a second attempt after improving the report. To my surprise they rejected the second attempt as well, but now they just gave the following reason;

" Rejected because of:

  • The whole bug report doesn’t meet our quality standards. Learn more here

We detected some suspicious activity from your account / bug report submission. We can't accept any of your reports from now on. Thanks."

The first rejection had areas where I needed to improve but the second was just this. I am not new to this sort of testing websites. I have been testing on uTest and Testerwork for almost 3 years and I did not have any problems as yet. And I know how to submit good bug reports, so I am not sure if Test IO is generally like this or if I am somehow banned from it.


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