The Art of Stepping Past Analysis/Paralysis

Ever decide you want to learn new skills but:

* You already have a fulltime job

* You already are taking care of family/spouse/etc

* Your idea of free time is being able use the bathroom without being pinged 17 times by mooses, family members, business queries, the WSJ and CNN and any news organization who are after you for *something* (be that “something” family-oriented, business-oriented, your own manipulation of media in a positive direction, etc.)

* etc.etc.etc.

How do you discipline yourself enough to start making a dent into the knowledge you crave assimilating?

==> Why, by taking ownership of everything of course! Smile 

But that’s where some issues might arise…

Like breaking thru that “I’m afraid to take a step forward, because what if I fail?” or “I only have 15 minutes of ‘me’ time before my Glorious Purpose calls me back” mindset, of course.

You know something… that’s perfectly alright and honestly (if you’re not used to it), it’s a valid, scary fear… and you’re definitely not alone in being mired in analysis/paralysis.

That being said, kicking fate in the right direction all depends upon *you* and you alone.

The good news is said kicking can be done in private! ie, when it’s just you and your Internet connection….

… you don’t have to be afraid of looking dumb to others as you start teaching yourself.

It’s just you and your laptop and your ego.

Remove the ego… and give yourself permission to recognize that even IF you’re not 18 years old and renting a Ferrari to convince others of your financial success (SO many people fake it until they make it) or being swallowed up alive by the highlight reels you see on Instagram….

… You are *never* (like never ever!) too old to *learn*.

Your takeaway?

Life happens and it can be seen as totally unfair,….

OR…. a glorious opportunity to kick fate in the right direction.

It’s okay absorb things at a slower rate than when you were in your prime.

Welcome the person you currently *are* into your heart… and be as good to that person as you are to everyone else.


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