Thinking about Product Launches? Think this.

Ever think about product launches?

(I mean, who wouldn’t, especially on a bright sunny day…)

And how, like the various Telcom re-orgs that happened every single freakin’ year…

A year from now, the vast majority of everything we do (as in, I do, you do, our colleagues do, life does) is pretty darned well fleeting.

Don’t get me wrong. Quality vendors deliver goodness, of course.

This not only helps carry our customers forward during *the present*… it’s also superb to assist said customers in creating a *solid* business foundation *they* can use for the future as well!

But now…

Ooops, sorry ’bout that – currently watching the Fast and the Furious 5356 and got carried away.

Where was I?

Ah yes!

Let me take you back to…

Long long ago, back when Napoleonic naval battles were bravely fought on dragon-back, back when I worked at A TelCom Big Huge Company (I think mankind had domesticated free-ranging mammoths for land transportation as well)… every year, we’d have (I hope you’re sitting down)….

A Re-Org!!

I vividly remember when the first re-org descended upon us like a plague of spiffy-dressed bean-counters who possessed the force of a great Starbucks Run…

… the name of the Project to End All Projects was called “In 5” – as in, in 5 years, the whole department would be modernized for a glorious shining future, packed full with advancement and opportunities for all!

The next year, though, the *new* manglement would swoop in while the Emperor’s Death Star March played in the background and…

==> that “In 5” was proudly renamed to “In 3”

(fun corporate backstabbing trick – always destroy your previous manglement’s achievements so you can take credit for *everything* going forward)

Plus… (I bet y’all can guess what is coming next) we started right back from the very beginning once more.

Year after that? It was “In 7″… and I remember thinking then, OMG this is pure “Grade A” 24 Karat Kingly Moose ByProducts of the Highest Degree.

Morale soon plummeted like a graceful lead balloon after that… And THAT had to be dealt with quickly (and in a way only bureaucrats could think made sense!).

I recall when one of the Hallowed Blessed Few took pity on us woeful worker bees and came to give a rousing pep talk to us lowly peons.

And it began with something along the lines of “Blessed be the cheese-makers (and various dairy manufacturers)” and in a team-building exercise, tried to forge a common bond by using the following “Of course you can relate to it!” scenario:

“So, there I was driving my Jag and a rock flew into the windshield, chipping it! And when I brought it in for repair, you know, I was told the windshield would cost $300 and you know how it is, it costs $300 just to fill the tank!”

But I digress.

The main point?

==> Nothing we did back then *as a department*… was ever-lasting.

Nothing we did… ever stayed *untouched* by the next years’ incoming manglement….

… BUT some things we *individually* achieved… we were able to lean on for 20+ years later (of course, I am referring to that most magnificent of Unix shells, the Korn Shell, otherwise known by my kids as Dinosaur Tech, otherwise known by me as the way I designed portal-creation software that brought us our 2nd 6 figure year , but I digress yet one more time).

‘Twas quite the life lesson indeed.


The whole point of the above musing is the following…

Life really *is* fleeting.

It really *is* short.

And to beat yourself up over a failed launch or a goal unachieved or anything that truly lacks *life-long substance* … well, it’s a very poor use of your mental abilities indeed.

Nobody ever died in bed weeping bitter tears and crying to the heavens, “O if only I had launched 48 products in 3 weeks instead of 42!”


==> Focus on *what* and *who* is truly *important* in YOUR life.

Yes, business *is* key and *is* crucial and all that jazz…

But the people *you love*, and those who love you back… they are far and away more important, long-term…

… than any street fight because the thing about street fights, you know, is the street always wins!

(FF7 is almost over and it’s one of my favorite totally irrational scenes, like, how can the man just stomp on one teeny area of the parking deck so it smooshes up the bad guy??).

Anywhos part N!

Don’t get me wrong. I adore being a leader in my industry, I love helping out my colleagues, I’ve discovered that one of the best feelings in the world is when a particular customer “gets it” and “leaps forward”…

… but *all of that personally pales* next to:

* my husband and family (28 years of hard-won marriage – we’ve been thru it all, in sickness and in health, in trauma and in joy… I am *so* blessed to be married to him)

* my Mooses (I still talk to the Kingly Mooses’ spirit whenever I talk to the Court Jester Moose in the morning, along with the Beak of Doom and Mo).

Your takeaway?

* Cherish those you love.

* And give the *gift of understanding* to those you cherish… even if their frontal lobes still have a whole heap ‘o growing left to do.

* Don’t make everything about *you*. Make it instead about those who make YOUR life *shine*.

Finally … be grateful to your guardian angel for Every Single Day that you wake up above ground… because that gives you one more day to kick fate in the *right* direction.

And that, of course, is a Very Good Thing to do indeed.

What do you think?


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