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Since the start of this pandemic, we have been flooded with users who are new to working online and seem to have unrealistic expectations from support. They often expect support to reply within hours or they expect them to beg them to keep working. Unlike when contacting support as a customer, when you contact support for a r/beermoney site you can't just throw a fit and expect everything to go your way. Even if the issue could have been easily resolved, being rude to support may result in your request being thrown out. Support is often run by either a small team, or it's outsourced to a company that handles a lot of similar sites.

There is a short section in our FAQ about this, but I wanted to write a more extensive guide on how to increase your chances of getting your issue resolved when contacting support.


How to contact support

Most sites or apps will have a dedicated section to submit tickets or they will have their email publicly displayed. You can usually find this in the menu or at the bottom of their website. If you are struggling to find the page, try doing a google search for "website-name contact support". Many sites use zendesk for support, even if they don't have a webpage for their app. If you still cannot find a way to contact them, look for their social media pages. Some sites are able to offer support over social media, but even if they don't they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Make sure you're contacting the right support

If the work you are doing is outsourced to another company, you may need to contact the middle man instead of the company that is paying you. This is often true for GPT sites. Most GPT sites do not have their own offers, and you usually need to contact the offer wall in order to get help. There is a chance that the offer wall issued the payment and the GPT site is holding the credit as pending. To verify this, you should go to the offer wall's support section and check if the offer has been credited/completed. If it does not show credited/completed, then the GPT site will not be able to help you.

You also need to make sure you're contacting the right section of support. Many sites have separate sections for clients and for users. Some even have specific sections for specific issues. Contacting the right department is essential for a speedy resolution.


What to write and how to write it

TL;DR Treat them like a human who is doing a job they hate. Say hello and thanks, play nice, give them all of the information they need, and don't ramble on another things that won't help them fix your issue.


Get in the right mindset

The most important part of writing a message to support is to get in the right mindset for it. You need to be calm, collected, and be able to properly communicate with them. It can be tempting to immediately send an email and lash out at the site, but that is never helpful.


Tips for success

  • Every email should be polite and respectful – as if you were sending it to a coworker you don't hate. If you are getting too worked up, take a break. You don't need to reply immediately. Most sites will not close support tickets for at least a couple weeks.

  • Say hello and thank you. Write your name at the bottom. If they give you their name, address them by name. Treat them like an actual human being. Whatever issue you're having is likely not their fault, and they often have very little power over the situation even if they want to do something to fix it. I've had many agents go above and beyond just because I was more pleasant to deal with than the inevitable next abusive user.

  • Don't throw a fit, swear at them, threaten them, or "inform" them that you will be or have posted a negative review on whatever site. It will get you absolutely nowhere. On the contrary, it is far more likely to have your request thrown out the window, if not ignored entirely. Some sites will even issue a permanent ban and block you.

  • Keep in mind that many support agents don't speak English natively. Your emails should be short, to the point, and use proper grammar and punctuation. It is also helpful to use simple language and short sentences. Don't give them your life story – only tell them what they need to know to fix your issue. They likely are going to glance over your email before moving on to the next one.

  • When you have a technical issue, give them all of the information up front. Tell them what operating system (Windows 10/Mac/Android 7.2/etc) you have, the browser you're using (and version if you know how to tell). If you're using a mobile device, tell them the make and model. Take screenshots of the issue, even if you've explicitly told them the issue. Tell them step-by-step how you came across the issue or how you are able to recreate it. The more information that a developer has, the quicker they're able to resolve the issue.


Support isn't replying

Support for most r/beermoney sites takes a while to respond. Ignore whatever estimated reply time frames they give you, and see what other users are saying they take.

For example: Many offer walls take weeks to months to respond. Most big GPT sites will take at least a week. Sites with higher rates usually have less staff and more users so it may take longer to reply. Sometimes they will need to look into the issue and/or contact other departments/companies before replying.


Consider factors that might slow response time down

Common things that slow down support time

  • A lot of users are having an issue. If you see people complaining about the same thing or they sent an email/posted on social media, support time will be slowed down. This is especially true for technical issues or sudden mass bans.

  • It's the weekend or there was a holiday recently. Support doesn't slow down just on the holiday. Many sites stop support for a week or two, and it can take even longer to get back to normal.

  • It's the summer or around the new year. During periods of time when schools and universities are off there is usually a lot more users on the site, which means more support tickets, which leads to longer wait times.

  • Anything else that might result in a large influx of users or support messages. This pandemic has caused a lot of strain on a lot of sites.


Don't try to "bump" your ticket

When you send another message, many systems will push you back down to the bottom of the stack. Be patient and wait for their reply. Sometimes it can take a while for support to respond. Yes, it sucks having to wait for a reply, especially when it takes months, but sending that third email before the week has ended isn't going to make them reply any faster.


It's been way too long

If it has been longer than reasonably expected, and you have taken into consideration their usual time frames and other possible circumstances, don't just assume they're ignoring you. 99% of the time that you don't receive an email, it is because of an issue delivering the message. Either they didn't get your message, or you somehow didn't get theirs.

  1. Search your inbox to make sure you didn't overlook the email. Check your spam folder. Log into the site and check the ticket if you're able to.

  2. Try sending a follow-up message. If you didn't get a reply to an initial email, you may want to try using a different email provider (outlook/yahoo/gmail). Outlook is notorious for randomly blocking websites – the messages won't even go to your spam mail.

  3. Try to contact them via social media. Send a private message to their Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit account. Support via social media is usually faster (if they provide support), but the type of support they can give might be much more limited. At the very least, they can usually check on the status of your ticket.


Getting a reply

TL;DR Be patient and understanding. It might take a while for them to get to you, and their first message probably won't help.


The first message

Expect your first and possibly second replies to be automated or copy/pasted. 99% of questions will be answered by this, and they likely didn't even properly read your message. If your concern isn't addressed, then reply to the message. Thank them for replying, and clearly state that the message did not address your concern. Restate your message using different words. Don't copy and paste, it's possible they misunderstood you. Rewrite your message, and make sure that there is no unnecessary fluff. Do not leave out any details, they likely will not read your previous message. Once again, be polite, say hello and thank you, keep it short and sweet, so on and so forth. It's just part of the game that you have to play.


What to do if support doesn't help

First of all, why aren't they helping?


The reply doesn't even address the issue

Chances are if the reply has nothing to do with your issue, it is either an automated email or support has greatly misunderstood what you meant. Thank them for responding, and politely inform them that their reply did not address your issue. Give them all of the information again, but re-word it. Keep in mind that the agent may not speak English natively.


The reply seems to address the issue, but it's not quite right

If their reply doesn't make sense, they likely were confused about what you were talking about. When this happens, you should change the wording you use entirely. Try to use their terminology if possible and send screenshots (if applicable).


The reply addresses the issue, but isn't the result you want


  • You have an issue with the website, and they tell you to use another browser or device.
  • Your work was not completed properly, and they chose not to pay you because of it.
  • You were banned, and they won't tell you exactly why.


Each one of these situations is annoying. From a user's perspective, the website should just work, they should get paid for your time, and they should be told exactly why they were banned. But the client's perspective is different. There could be a bug that the developer is working on, they don't want to pay for work that was not completed properly, or they don't want to disclose their fraud protection measures.


When a message addresses your issue but it isn't what you want, you are probably just out of luck. They understood you, and they made their decision. The only other option you really have is to try to get someone else to look at it. You could try to wait a while and open up a new support ticket. However, you need to gauge whether the additional effort is worth it. Most times you will get the same response.


Leaving negative reviews or contacting the BBB

This should always be your absolute last resort. There is no turning back once you do this. If your issue was something minor that could be easily resolved, you likely shot yourself in the foot by escalating the issue. If you are doing this as a response to being banned, chances are your account will be flagged and you could end up being banned permanently on the next minor issue you have.


Contacting support after being banned

If you were banned justly for something like using bots, intentionally using a VPN to bypass restrictions, lying on surveys, etc – suck it up and move on. Don't waste support's time, because you're not getting unbanned. Stop trying to abuse the sites, and you won't have that issue.


Everything below is only if you were banned and you were not intentionally trying to cheat or abuse the site in any way.

When you are contacting support about being banned, play dumb but don't act stupid.

  • If you aren't explicitly told you were banned, then only ask about the error you are receiving. Even if you know that the error message typically means a user is banned, if you haven't been explicitly told you are banned then play dumb.

  • If you are told that you are banned but you were not given any reason, then ask them why you were banned. Do not make any assumptions – let them do the talking!


After asking why you were banned, you should be given some sort of reason. To prevent scammers from abusing their site further, they generally will not give you specifics about why you were banned. Don't try to demand they give you a specific reason, but instead work with that vague answer and rack your brain to see if something you did could have caused it. If you are able to acknowledge exactly what it was, and it was not intentional, then you are very likely to be unbanned. There are some exceptions such as you should NEVER EVER tell a survey site that you're a fast survey taker. It just makes you look like a scammer even if it's true.


You were banned for a VPN, and you use a VPN for other reasons

Just apologize for the mistake. Own up to the fact that you probably messed up at some point and accidently let it run. Even if it wasn't intentional, it may not have shut down properly or there could be some issue with the settings. It's also possible that they detected it on your device without it actually running. You shouldn't use a device with a VPN on it even if you turn it off before doing r/beermoney tasks. Many sites will forgive a one time mistake if there isn't anything else concerning about your account.


You were banned for a VPN, and you never use a VPN on that device

Inform them that you don't use a VPN, and ask them what makes them think you're using a VPN. Once again, be polite and let them do the talking. The main reasons are likely:

  • IP has changed (did someone access your account without your knowledge? Did you sign in on a public wifi network? Is there a program running that you don't know about? etc)

  • Your IP has just been put on a blacklist. In this case, you will want to try to get it unblocked or change your IP if possible.

  • Your IP range or ISP has been put on a blacklist. This is more likely to happen to smaller countries which have a larger amount of fraudulent users. In this case, you might be out of luck. When there is a large amount of fraud from a particular IP range or ISP, sometimes sites will blacklist the entire area. Even if it had nothing to do with you, you may still get caught up in it. All you can do is try to work with support to get unblocked.

If they tell you why they think you're using a VPN, then great. Work with that and try to figure it out. If not then you might need to press them further. Confront the possibility that someone may have accessed your account without permission, inform them that you changed your password, and ask if you need to do anything further.


You are told that you were lying on surveys

This can be one of the hardest ones to deal with because they usually won't give any proof, and you're going to have a hard time proving your innocence. In this case it is better to ask for forgiveness. Apologize for any error that you may have made. Let them know that it wasn't your intention to give inconsistent answers, and request that they review your account again. If you've been an active user for a long time, bring that to their attention – the conflicting answers may be from years ago. It helps to ask what you answered wrong – especially if you're speaking to a client instead of the general support. General support probably won't tell you, but you should still ask. The most commonly messed up one is putting the wrong age – especially if it's around your birthday. There may also be an issue if you recently moved or had another major change in your life.


You were banned for not completing offers properly or otherwise not doing the work you agreed to do.

TL;DR Either prove without a doubt that you did your work exactly as stated AND in good faith, or beg for forgiveness if you kept messing it up.


In this case, you have to try to prove your innocence.

First you need to see what the original terms of the offer were, if possible. If it is an offer on an offer wall, you might be able to get the terms from viewing it on another GPT site or asking another user to screenshot it for you. If you can't get the terms, you are going to be stuck relying on them to tell you what the terms were. Ask them what part you didn't do according to the terms, and make sure that it's actually outlined in the terms. Your best bet here is to be persistent and prove that you completed the requirements. If you didn't complete the requirements, your only option is to beg for forgiveness. It is rare that you will be banned for one or two rejected offers, but rather it is usually a reoccurring issue.


You were doing a lot of paid and trial offers

Many of them won't have it explicitly mentioned, but you are supposed to do these offer with the intention of actually keeping the service. It's fine to cancel if you don't like it, but if you are clearly only doing it for the payment (doing a lot of similar trials in a short period of time, never continuing any offer, canceling shortly after starting, etc) then the site is likely to see it as abuse.


You repeatedly messed up your work

Even if you weren't intentionally trying to do bad work, you will have very little chance at being unbanned. It's understandable that you would be upset about not being paid for your work, but if you were not doing your tasks correctly then it should be expected that the site won't want to keep you on the project.

Many sites usually will only ban you from the specific task in question, but an account ban can come if you keep messing up on different projects. Ask support what you did wrong, what the answers should be, and how you can avoid this type of thing in the future. You should show that you meant no ill will, and that you are eager to do better in the future. Some sites, such as Neevo, rely on a gut feeling for right/wrong answers and you may be kicked out of a task for not being able to grasp it. There's not a whole lot you can do in this case.


Multiple accounts or multiple members in a household

Most sites have strict rules about how many accounts a user is allowed and how many are are allowed in a household. If you know you broke this rule and did not do so maliciously (ex: you accidently signed in via social media and made a second account, but then logged out and went to your usual account), then just apologize and request that the second account be deleted. It's better to bring this to their attention before you get caught, but regardless you need to get that other account removed.

If you are being accused of having multiple accounts and you don't have multiple accounts, you may want to ask them about the other email. State that the account you have is your only account, but keep in mind that there's always the possibility that you created a second account on accident or someone else in your household made an account.


You are told that you are banned but given some generic message about you breaking their ToS and they refuse to tell you why

You're pretty much out of luck in this case. Send a couple more emails showing your frustration, but still be polite. Your next step is to go the route of leaving bad reviews or going to the BBB.


Any other reason

All other reasons will generally mean you need to prove your innocence or you need to ask for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness and seeking instruction on how to improve yourself is much more likely to get you unbanned. They are already convinced that you deserve your ban, so proving your innocence should only be reserved to situations where you stand no hope of asking for forgiveness and you are positive that you can change their mind.


Example emails

An offer didn't credit


I completed this offer earlier and have not been credited yet. I have attached two screenshots. One shows my headquarters is level 17, and the second one shows my account information. This is my first time downloading and playing the game.

Thank you for your time,


This message is to an offer wall after an offer did not credit. I start it off with a greeting. Then I state the issue and that I attached screenshots and how many, as well as what those screenshots are showing. One common issue is re-downloading a game, so I addressed that right away to save time. I then thanked the person and gave my name. The message was polite, contained all of the necessary information, and did not include any unnecessary fluff.


Problems with the test instructions

After spending 15 minutes on the test, I feel that I have gotten confused on too many questions and I will not give the client a good data.

The first question sent me to a website and asked me about my website while also asking me to use the prototype's data. I wasn't sure whether the client wanted me to give a response related to the prototype or not, so quickly explained both, but later in the test it asked me to do the same thing on the website. It then had multiple steps that asked me to basically do the same thing over and over. Apparently it only wanted me to do one step each time, but the wording made it seem like it wanted me to go through the whole process.

This is a message that was sent to UserTesting. I did not include the hello and thanks since I was only asked to report the reason for quitting the test. For UserTesting, I always state how long I spend on the test and/or if I was close to finishing so that they can issue the correct amount of compensation. The first paragraph includes all of the necessary information for Usertesting – I explained the issue while owning up to the fact that I did not properly understand the instructions. I also made a second paragraph explaining in detail why I got confused so that they can forward that information to the client if needed. That test made me extremely frustrated, but my frustration was not expressed in the email since it would not help the situation.


I knew the account was banned, but it only showed an error


I got an error that says there was a problem with my account and to contact support. I just signed up earlier today and completed a few surveys, so I'm not too sure what could be the problem.

Could you please help me to fix this?

Thank you for your time,


This site did not explicitly tell me I was banned. However, it was iPoll/QuickThoughts, so I knew that message meant I was banned. As you can see from the email, there's the hello, the thanks, and I'm playing dumb about the error.

I received a reply back saying that they were reviewing my account and it would take 2-3 business days. Even though they said 2-3 days, It was getting into summer (more users working = longer support times), and I know they take forever to respond to begin with, so I gave it two weeks instead. At which point I responded with:

Hello, I was just wondering if there has been any update regarding this. It's been nearly two weeks now, and I haven't heard back yet. Thank you.

The follow up email was short and to the point, while also addressing that it has been quite a while. I got the generic reply of not giving accurate responses, and then all of my follow-up emails were ignored. This is typical behavior for QuickThoughts, and I know that they generally act on bad publicity, so my next step should have been to go to the BBB.

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