Transforming BSOs into something magical?

Ever wish you knew exactly how to take the 3475374 products you might have purchased in the past…

… and actually, well, *do something* with them?

But here’s the thing. Unless you know how all the moving pieces fit together (consider list building, those pieces can include:

* Generate quality traffic to

* An optin page that puts the visitor on your list but for that to happen ALSO includes

* A great incentive for people TO give you their email addresses and that means

* Creating that incentive yourself or outsourcing it

And oh, did I manage to forget investing in paid autoresponder software like aWeber and Getresponse first before doing all that?

The mind boggles.

But now that you HAVE the products, how can you actually profit from them, even if you don’t put them into practice?


As you’ve most likely seen… you’re not the only BSO buyer out there.

So why not just start requesting and blogging about the new product releases (and ideally driving traffic to THAT blog?)?

For each release, you could dash up a description regarding the product… and close with your affiliate link to the product.

That was one of the ways I began to earn again on W+- every day I’d blog these thingees and eventually… the SEO kicked in and folks would find on the first page of Google.

Good stuff!

But not only that. To *really* make a worthy post you could consider including snapshots from the upsell pages… and then ask yourself on each page.

“Why would people put it there?”

How does it compel people to want to buy more?

Get on vendor’s mailing lists as well – there’s reasons why people keep buying from some folk again and again, so….

See just *how* the email marketing really livens things up and gets people into a buying mode.

Your takeaway?

Don’t waste those BSOs you buy!

*Learn* from them, their creation and more…. instead.


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