We are recruiting participants for a paid psychological study!

Hello r/beermoney!

We’re the Loss, Trauma, & Emotion Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University. We are conducting an online study (Study ID #21-104) on how people regulate their emotions. The study involves brief questionnaires, an experiment, and potentially an interview. We will reimburse you $20-$40 for less than 2 hours of your time depending on which procedures you complete.

Please use this link to learn more about the study and complete our eligibility survey.

If eligible and selected to participate, you will be asked to view images that you may find disturbing, such as those depicting physical aggression, malnutrition, etc.; however, these images are similar to those you may see on the evening news or in an R-rated movie.

If you have any questions, please comment below or reach out to us at [VetFlex@tc.columbia.edu](mailto:VetFlex@tc.columbia.edu).

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